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WePresent AIRPAD
Artikelnr: AIRPAD
The AirPad works in conjunction with either the WiPG-1500 or the WiPG-2000, both of which offer our interactive features like onscreen annotation or the interactive whiteboard.
WePresent WiPG-1000
Artikelnr: WIPG-1000
Our entry-level model is affordable and packed-full with features. The WiPG-1000 is perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, and small huddle spaces.
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WePresent WiPG-1500
Artikelnr: WIPG-1500
wePresent WiPG-1500 is professional wireless presentation gateway. By enabling the Revolutionary “interactive” and “UST/UoIP” functions, you can throw your presentations wirelessly from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices to a projector, and use the touch screen/IWB, mobile phone or Pad to control the presentation remotely 1-2dgr
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WePresent WiPG-1600
Artikelnr: WIPG-1600
The WiPG-1600 model is affordable and packed-full with features, including iOS AirPlay and touchscreen support. 1-2dgr
WePresent WiPG-2000
Artikelnr: WIPG-2000
The WiPG-2000 model has every single, feature we have packed inside. Part wireless presentation system, part media streamer, part perfection 1-2dgr
Visar 1-5 av 5 objekt

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